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Get your account seen by thousands of users

Become the first to comment on tweets from top accounts and get noticed by their followers through the engagement section.

Build your own engagement list

Have a specific list of accounts you want to grow with? Just create your own custom list and airkraken pulls their latest tweets for you to comment on.

Automatic retweets

Retweet your tweets automatically after 12 hours so your followers across the world can see. After that we can automatically undo it so your timeline doesn't get cluttered. 😸

Direct message new followers

We collect a list of your new followers so you can quickly and easily reach out to them. Don't know what to say? We have a DM template that makes it easy!

Take the guess work out of scheduling your tweets

Add tweets or threads to your scheduled queue without needing to worry about picking a time. We got you covered.

Check your progress

We aggregate various analytics on your tweets for you to see your progress. 📈

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  • Everything in Free
  • unlimited tweet scheduling
  • unlimited tweet engagement
  • DM new followers
  • DM template
  • detailed tweet analytics
  • customer support



  • schedule 5 tweets or threads
  • create an engagement topic
  • engage with 5 latest tweets
  • keep track of daily follower gains
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